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About Us

Our Story

Founded in Glasgow in 2019, Pop up Spot originated from an understanding of the obstacles faced by new business owners, specifically in relation to the property market that often prevents new businesses from reaching their full potential. Not being able to afford or commit to a long-term lease led to the idea of a simple platform of spaces, suitable for pop ups that would help those in a similar situation.

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Pop up Spot’s main goal is based on creative regeneration of the high street

Our aim is to provide an opportunity to businesses and individuals who are looking to find their perfect space but perhaps are unable to commit to a long-term lease. We offer the flexibility for people to browse through a wide range of spaces for their next event or workshop.

Pop up Spot is an online platform that allows people to search for their next space simply and efficiently, while helping property owners promote their space to a whole new audience. Our vision is to help regenerate the high street. We aim to do this by providing spaces that were previously unavailable for small businesses and individuals to takeover. Whether that be to promote and sell their artwork, organise an event/workshop or to help grow their business in a new location.

We believe that space should be used more flexibly to allow small businesses to grow.

Why Pop up Spot?

Our platform makes it easy for you to browse different spaces to find one that suits you.

We promote every pop up on social media and any other appropriate channels for your pop up to help it be as successful as possible.

We provide support and are able to answer any questions or concerns you have.